1561 – It’s A Fire

Today I was down by the river again, and you may see some images of that tomorrow (as I am frequently reluctant to go out on Sundays), but for today’s post I want to share what I saw when driving home.

Fortunately the Nikon 70-300 is part of my weekend kit, so I had no problem capturing the sight from far down in the valley. Dobratsch is the mountain, and when you look close, you can even see the church on the summit, more prominently featured in “491 – Just In Time“.

The Song of the Day is “It’s A Fire” from “Dummy”, the 1994 debut album of Portishead. Hear it on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “1561 – It’s A Fire”

  1. You’re right, of course. Not often together. (Is there a smiley face for “a little embarrassed”?) I have to admit, however, that seeing that illusion over that ridge had a visceral impact that I couldn’t shake.

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