1553 – Frownland

We had rain in the morning. Warm rain, to be precise. All snow in Vienna is long gone, but I suppose there will still be some of it left in Carinthia.

On a rainy day I always crave for colors, and so these strong reds and the yellow concrete mixer came perfectly right.

The Song of the Day is “Frownland“, the opener of “Trout Mask Replica”, one of the most influential albums of all time, a milestone even in Don Van Fleet’s work. I freely admit, I didn’t know it, but last week this regrettable situation came to an end.

The album is currently not available as digital downloads, I have no idea why, most of his work is, so I had to fall back to plastic. After three weeks the CD has finally arrived. Oh well, I had a hard time waiting. Hear the song on YouTube until your copy arrives 🙂