Jan 122011

Or can he? I know for sure I can 🙂

Of course the Song of the Day is “Rudie Can’t Fail” from “London Calling”, the 1980 landmark album by The Clash. Enjoy it on YouTube.

  6 Responses to “1551 – Rudie Can’t Fail”

  1. Maybe Rudie can but you didn’t with this shot, Andreas. Nice graphic quality.

  2. I think you did just everything that can be done with lines in this one. It certainly grabs me.

  3. The lines and composition in this image are amazing and prove once again that you have a special “eye” for capturing the unusual.

    But I’m wondering why you put a white border around only 3 sides of the image?

  4. Thanks all 🙂

    Flo, the border is around all four sides. I suppose the bottom border is missing. Just refresh the image and you’ll see it.

    • LOL, yes, the white border is around all sides on the blog page. But on the comments page, it’s missing from the top. Really strange, as upon reloading the page, nothing different happens.

      • No idea. Shift+Reload might help, emptying the browser’s cache would certainly help, but I suggest you forget it. Some glitches like that happen at times.

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