1550 – Ambitious Outsiders

Tell you, sometimes this concept of titles and songs really, really sucks. I’ve just spent hours looking for a title, and then the best thing I could come up with was this: “Ambitious Outsiders”! Really, and what shall that mean in the first place, huh???

The real problem is this: I have not the faintest idea what this image is about. I like it. It has an abstract quality, something that transcends the immediate subject. It is more a pattern than a depiction of something. It does not tell a story, but neither does a Mondrian. It’s only: How can you find a title for something like that?

The Song of the Day is “Ambitious Outsiders” from the 1997 Morrissey album “Maladjusted”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1550 – Ambitious Outsiders”

  1. Hey, I have always marveled at how you come up with all those links between images and music. I would be more amazed if you didn’t struggle once in a while. The “outisiders” part certainly works. The incongruity of those cheerfully glowing, warm windows so neatly contained above the chaotic graffiti makes for an interesting scene.

  2. Also, the graffiti seems to read “Stereo” and you have two windows lit up. So you have stereo light and color if not sound!

    I agree with Anita – I don’t see how you manage to correlate between your images and any kind of musical genre and song titles! So don’t beat up on yourself for this one.

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