1549 – Sleeper Awake

Oh dear, I made exactly two images today. In the end I found a usable square in one of them (remember: there’s a usable square in every image!), and with some extras from onOne Software’s Photo Frame, I even got something like a picture. The asymmetry of the frame nicely balances the weird optical illusion introduced by the oblique parallels of the window blinds.

The Song of the Day is “Sleeper Awake” from Sarah Blasko’s new album “As Day Follows Night”. Hear it on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “1549 – Sleeper Awake”

  1. Okay, I”ll buy the notion that there is a usable square somewhere in every photo you make. But, I’m not so certain abou the the photos I make. I know that I certainly do like this square. The ragged edged frame is the perfect “container” for the “container” featured. Everything works.

  2. Or, “Sleepers, Awake!” from J. S. Bach from his Cantata No. 140, BWV 140

    Since you have windows lit up on two floors of this building, I’d say you have more than one sleeper who is awake, lol.

    I like this image very much – perfectly exposed – and cropped. BTW, I never knew there was a usable square in every image, lol! I don’t think in many of mine one could find a useable square!

  3. since a few months i managed my screensaver in the way that it shows me the last images of your blog, so your images become sometimes very familiar with me.
    this one is one of my favorite when it stpes by.
    it has something to do with the light, the color scheme and of course the rhythm.
    an image that makes *me* happy. so thank you for searching for the right square; it”s a pleasure for me.

    have a good day, andreas. 🙂

      1. haha. oh no not at all. 🙂
        my husband did spent years of his life in a hospital …
        … by his profession 🙂
        so we are familiar with that aspect too.
        lucky me, it was never for a damage caused (?) reason 🙂

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