1548 – The End

Can you digest one more post today? Again it is a series of older images, and precisely it is the end of the series that I took on December, 19. You saw the other images in “1527 – Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day“, “1529 – Broken Stones“, “1532 – A Christmas Song” and in “1534 – And Then So Clear“.

Images of one day spread over five posts, I hear you say? Well, yes, I know, this completely breaks with the idea of one image per day taken that day, but on the other hand, posting all 13 images on one day would have been a perfect waste of good images, and besides, it took me some days to even process them.

It’s as it is, and due to the fact that I haven’t done much more today than playing with the iPad and later cooking, I didn’t have much choice anyway πŸ™‚

The iPad, you ask? Well, whatever else it is, it is certainly the perfect portfolio device πŸ˜€

The Song of the Day is “The End”, not the Doors song from their first album, but another song from “Happyland”, the debut album of Swedish singer Amanda Jenssen. YouTube has a live video.

4 thoughts on “1548 – The End”

  1. Title of my response: “Now Why Did You Have to Go and….” You get the idea. My attempt at humor, of course, is prompted by the embarrassment of riches in three posts. No wonder I have trouble keeping up my reading!. All the photos are outstanding and, as usual, I can’t settle on favorites. But, the “washboard” sky and “soapsuds” snow in the second photo in this post particularly delights me. I am fascinated by those fascinating textures punctuated by the strong vertical of the trees.

  2. Anita, I agree totally with your choice of the “washboard sky and soapsuds snow” image as being so very delightful.

    Andreas, now that you have – er, I mean you bought for your father – an iPad, now you need an iPhone to take pictures to send to the iPad, lol. I’ve played with the iPads in stores and had lots of fun – but I need another gizmo gadget like I need a hole in the head! Now if anyone wants to give me one – that’d be a different story, lol.

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