1547 – Why You Wanna Go And Do A Thing Like That For

It’s Sunday night, and although I made a few images yesterday, nothing emerged as particularly worthy. It was rainy most of the day, the snow is not yet gone, but it’s only a thin, dirty cover now.

I use the opportunity to show you the promised series of images taken in a parking area in front of a shopping center in Villach.

The images were taken last week on my New Year’s Walk. At that day I came back with 200 images, and quite some of them were usable. This series was my first attempt at that day, and then I went down to the river, where I shot the images that you’ve already seen.

I understand where the mounds of snow come from. When there’s a lot of snow and you have to clear a big car park in a short time, heaping up the snow is a good idea. On the other hand, I have no idea who would put those thuja on top of the mounds, and much less why they would do so.

Anyway. I found them interesting, and when I began taking images, I quickly found out that I could duck as deep as I wanted, there was no way to avoid the street lights, and so I made them part of the compositions.

The Song of the Day is “Why You Wanna Go And Do A Thing Like That For” from Ron Wood’s fantastic new album “I Feel Like Playing”. Well, so did I feel. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1547 – Why You Wanna Go And Do A Thing Like That For”

  1. I like this series of images. These must be left-over trees from some store’s Christmas display, don’t you think? They are being given a reprieve by being stuck on top of these piles of snow. Why anyone would think that thuja make good Christmas trees, tho, is beyond me.

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