1544 – Shine A Light

And here’s the last post today. I am already in Carinthia, about 40 minutes from home, and this image was made today in the morning, on my way to work. Very near my home is one of those old shops, that vanish so rapidly, a shop owned by people seemingly already semi-retired, because they open only two or three times a week for half a day.

What makes this shop so special, is that they have every kind of illumination device that you can think of: all sorts of light bulbs and neon tubes, even the most exotic. One time I was there and asked whether they had a daylight light bulb. Oh my, you can’t imagine. Of course they had, not one kind but many, in different sizes and with different spectral characteristics and whatever I may have forgotten. By the way, reminds me to buy some as long as this shop is still there.

The Song of the Day is “Shine A Light“, this wonderful gem from “Exile On Main Street”. Love the song and here it is on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “1544 – Shine A Light”

    1. This is much darker than it looked in reality and I’ve made it cooler, because there was still more than enough warmth in the center 🙂

  1. Andreas, I’m sure that old couple would love to have a print of this image for their shop I know I would if I were them!

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