1543 – Never Too Old (To Hold Somebody)

No mounds of snow either. These are two images of yesterday, Tuesday, morning.

You’ve seen the bike a few days ago in “1537 – Round And Around“, then together with another one, today decorated with some plastic flowers.

The image of the day is one of those that I make often and publish rarely. I don’t know why, maybe because this kind of view upwards has always fascinated me and therefore has always been present in my photography, to a point where I have felt it become repetitious, but then, something continuously draws me to take those images, and so I guess it’s OK to publish them once in a while.

Apart from that, this image gives me an (admittedly weak, but nevertheless) excuse to point you to a record, that has been waiting much too long for such an opportunity. “Never Too Old (To Hold Somebody)” is from the recent Elton John / Leon Russell collaboration “The Union”. Here’s the song on YouTube.