1540 – Walk With Me

Time goes by, here we have a new year and I’m already late πŸ™‚

This is the second of two posts for today, both with pictures taken on my New Year’s Walk.

It was a bright, sunny day, but having risen only shortly before noon, I did not get out before 1 pm, too late to take the car and drive a longer distance. Instead I decided to just take a walk.

I was outside until sundown. I did not cover a long distance, in fact although I know where I was, I still wonder that I it took me three hours for such a laughably short walk, but then, I took about 200 images in that time.

The Image of the Day was taken on the bridge across the river, the other two images were taken on the southern shore, along with the images that are coming with the next post.

The Song of the Day is “Walk With Me” from the 2003 Devil Doll album “Queen of Pain”. Again, this is not the Slovenian / Italian band of Mr. Doctor, but the band of American singer Colleen Duffy.

I could not find the album version, so here’s only a live version of mediocre quality.

2 thoughts on “1540 – Walk With Me”

  1. The featured image has lovely lines and angles with muted colors. I’ll bet you’re the only one who had been by there that day who would appreciate the beautiful of this slice of life.

    I do love the roiling water in the next image – did you notice how its surface formations seem echoed by those of the foreground rock?

    The 3rd image reminds me of the images of the salt flats in Death Valley that people have posted (TME’s forum) from time to time. Nature tends to repeat its themes.

    1. Flo, without much self-flattering: I wouldn’t hold against your bet πŸ™‚

      But that’s what taking some time and getting into the flow does: It slows you down and lets you look at how things really are, lets you look at the non-obvious connections between things. This joint of two lines is such a non-obvious connection. It’s just the edge of the sidewalk and an expansion gap of the bridge, but due to the way that I have framed it and how the lines run into the edges (and of course what the light does), we see those seemingly unrelated things as one subject. And you really must walk to see something like that πŸ™‚

      As to the water, well, sometime ago I had a water image where I have used a very long shutter speed to smooth lines out. This time I have made a series of about 10 images and then taken the one where the waves came out best. There is no other way to do that, because the water runs so fast and the image changes constantly, you can only spray and pray πŸ˜€

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