1536 – The Cross

Oh dear, it’s so late and I’m so tired.

All three images of today were taken in the morning. In fact, at the moment my only chance to take photos at daylight, is to leave home as late as possible. This makes for some stress in the morning, but at least I get some light 🙂

Those red stakes are meant to warn pedestrians of snow falling from a house’s roof. They are pretty useless in fact, because near the house where the stake keeps you from walking, the snow wouldn’t fall anyway, and where we are forced to walk instead, we are much better targets. Well, I guess the only purpose is to keep the house owners from getting sued 🙂

The red cross? I don’t know. Probably it’s meant to make the stake better seen.

The Song of the Day is “The Cross” from the 2002 Blind Boys of Alabama album “Higher Ground”. Hear it on YouTube. Btw, the intro of the video is not part of the song.