1535 – There’s A River

It’s Monday evening. I took a day off and right now I am on the train to Vienna. This is an image of today. Weather-wise staying in Carinthia was an excellent choice. I didn’t make a lot of images but I like this one.

The Song of the Day is “There’s A River”. You may know the original by Steve Winwood, but today we hear in from the Peter Green Splinter Group. YouTube has it.

4 thoughts on “1535 – There’s A River”

    1. Thanks. I’ve just uploaded a new version of the image with warmer reds. You may want to check it out, I like it much better. If you do so, don’t forget to reload the page. The image may be cached.

  1. This is so like you to find this unique point of view. Love it. That red is spectacular. Thanks for the link to a version I had never heard. Besides, I had forgotten all about this song and enjoyed very much rediscovering it.

    1. Thanks. Actually this was the third time that I was there and the first time that I was satisfied by the result.

      The problem with this particular image was, that this was taken at 8 mm (though later cropped), and that I had to point the camera down for the dramatic curve of the bridge. As a result, the verticals in the background off-center were not so vertical at all. Later in Photoshop I have separately corrected the perspective for the far bank of the river, the sky and the reflections. Due to the horizontal layering of the image, it turned out quite convincing though.

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