1534 – And Then So Clear

It was a short holiday weekend, but for some arcane reason it felt much, much longer. I didn’t really do anything productive (well, apart from my new gallery that is), but I guess that’s fine. Just re-charging batteries.

Weather turned out much less interesting than predicted, it was mostly a cloudy mess, and again I stayed at home.

I had not processed the Image of the Day so far, but the other two are from my cache of images already processed and uploaded. All three were taken a week ago.

There are four more of these images left, and then another one from my first trip down to the river, three weeks ago. This makes for anything between one and three servings. It’s hard for me to tell how these images work for you. In a way they are very different as regards lines, but then you could also see them as more of the same. Do they bore you?

The Song of the Day is “And Then So Clear” from Brian Eno’s 2006 album “Another Day On Earth”. Like most of Eno’s work it’s unspectacular and subtle, but that is not a bad thing. Reminds me of how in these snow images I always considerably turn down saturation as one of the last steps of processing 🙂

Hear the song on YouTube.

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