1533 – High Water

All those masses of snow and then the rain, well, the water must go somewhere, right? And it certainly does.

On the other hand, even after a week of temperatures above freezing, half of the time with heavy rains, the snow is not yet completely gone.

Today we should have had some snowfall but didn’t, the prognosis for tomorrow is for cold weather and some sun in the afternoon. We’ll see.

The Song of the Day is “High Water (for Charlie Patton)” from Bob Dylan’s 2001 album “Love And Theft”. You can also get an “official bootleg” on “Tell Tale Signs: The Bootleg Series Vol. 8”. Whatever you get, you can’t go wrong. I can tell, I have both. But then: I am a fan 😀

Sony is currently not allowing their catalog on YouTube (or is this only here?), thus I could only link to live videos of more than lousy quality. Instead I refer you to Bob’s own site. Only sound samples there, but certainly well presented and complete with lyrics.