1532 – A Christmas Song

Today we had fog, clouds and rain, along with temperatures that make me marvel at the snow’s resistance. It is still white outside and it may get colder during the night, yes we may even get some snow tomorrow. In any case, today was not a day to go out. Well, I did and was at the supermarket, but that does not count ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s images are obviously two more from the bunch that I made last Sunday, and there are still some left.

Christmas. It’s interesting, I am not a Christian, I am no believer at all, and although I dislike the hypocrisy and the commercialism, and even although Christmas is that not, in a way I like the idea of a festival of love and peace at that time of the year. Must be the cold, the short days and long nights, and how death threatens and then goes away one more time.

I may not have taken or processed photographs today, but I did work on my blog instead. I have installed Gallery 3, have selected and adapted the theme “Dark Canvas“, and I have imported all 3118 images on this site. It’s not particularly integrated with the blog and I don’t intend to give up my current image display page, for the time being it’s just a different way to look at my work. You get to the gallery via the new menu button “>> Gallery” on top right of this page (you have to be directly on the site, in an RSS reader you won’t see the menu), and from the gallery a similar menu button brings you back to the blog.

So far the RSS links in the gallery only show you the oldest images, because I have imported in reverse order, starting with the newest, but as I update during the next weeks, this will automatically be normalized.

I also use the opportunity to clarify the license for my images. From now on, all my images are under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license, meaning you can use any image non-commercially, as long as you don’t change it and attribute it to me, preferably by linking to my blog. Of course you can always contact me for commercial uses and we will work something out.

The Song of the Day is “A Christmas Song” from the not completely, but mostly unplugged Jethro Tull live album “A Little Light Music”. If you don’t have it, well no problem, they are for sale ๐Ÿ™‚

Hear the song on YouTube. Let Ian Anderson tell you what Christmas time is for (and what not), and in that spirit I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, whatever you may celebrate, or if not, simply A Kind Of Peace.

Oh and, before I forget, here’s another XKCD comic, the one of today, one I really love. You may have to have some UNIX background though, in order to appreciate it ๐Ÿ˜›

One thought on “1532 – A Christmas Song”

  1. Andreas, you may not be a believer in anything – but science and religion are very very close – they just use different terms for the same concepts. But until we can learn the language of each – as you have done with German and English – then we tend to think that they are far apart.

    I also do not like organized religions that try to control us by telling us what to think and what to believe. So I consider myself spiritual, rather than religious. And I try to follow the so-called Golden Rule which is included in all major and minor religions. I think that this is what counts – how each of us has lived our life in relation to other people, animals, plants and the earth. When we shed this earthly shell, then we’ll finally learn the truth. I’m sure it’ll surprise all of us.

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