1529 – Broken Stones

Although I have some images from yesterday, I guess we won’t bother. Here is another serving of Sunday’s images, taken on a walk through the snow along river Gail.

These images were taken at around 1:40 pm, and even at that time, shortly after noon, the sun did not reach down into this shallow valley.

This is the area where the debris lies of the 1348 mountain slide of Mount Dobratsch. Here you find everything from small stones to house-sized boulders. The area is very thinly populated and it is a paradise for photographers.

The Image of the Day is a mix of two different HDR mappings made in Photoshop, along with one of the five original exposures for the water.

Broken Stones” from Paul Weller’s 1995 album “Stanley Road” is the Song of the Day. We already had this album a few times, and it is for a reason. Hear the song on YouTube.

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