1526 – White Rabbit

I had only precious little time for photography yesterday. The Image of the Day is a view from my study. In the course of the last two years you may have seen many images from there, among them favorites of mine like “993 – One Of These Mornings – You Gonna Rise Up Singing” or three days later “996 – One Of These Mornings“, but late last summer “1393 – Stormy Weather II” made an end to that.

Now I’ve got to be more humble, and the Image of the Day is an attempt at that. The mounds of earth in front of our house are covered with snow now, and the tracks of a rabbit are what I saw in the pristine snow.

Later in the afternoon I took a short trip by car, only within a perimeter of maybe a kilometer or two, and the last image that I took is the other image that I present today. It’s also a view that you’ve seen, for instance in “771 – And Winter Came” and a few more times that I can’t remember. Here it was the rising fog that fascinated me.

The Song of the Day is “White Rabbit“, originally by Jefferson Airplane, here sung by Patti Smith on her 2007 cover album “Twelve”. Here’s the song on YouTube.

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  1. Would you mind explaining how you handeled the exposure? Then the processing? Where was your spike? …I guess I would typically think to under expose the shot then bring up the highs in processing before l lost detail. Wrong approach?

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