1525 – I Got The Sun In The Morning II

Still late. Here’s an image for Friday. It is the manual variant of HDR. I have manually combined three exposures in Photoshop. It was the only way to get a satisfactory result.

I’ve already used this Song, “I Got The Sun In The Morning” from “Annie Get Your Gun”, in “1483 – I Got The Sun In The Morning“, but then it was June Christy performing, and today it is Mel Tormé. It’s pretty much the same place in the images, btw.

The video that I’ve uploaded to YouTube (it is not yet visible, I’ll update this post with the link as soon as it is available) is what I’ve got, not bad, but I would probably recommend a recording with The Meltones and Artie Shaw instead. But then, you can’t go wrong with Mel Tormé, can you?