1524 – Danger

OK, third post for today, this one is for yesterday, Thursday, and the bicycle image actually is from yesterday.

The Image of the Day is not. It is the image that I meant two posts ago, the image that did not belong among the walking men, the image from Tuesday.

Dealing with snow, I tend to heavily enforce local contrast in the near-whites. Currently I mostly use the Topaz Adjust preset “Dramatic” for that, and of course I always use it with a mask, applying it selectively. I have used other plugins before, it doesn’t matter what you use, you can work with curves as well, it’s only important that you boost the contrasts without burning out the whites.

I am not sure why we see so much better in real snow than we do in a photograph of snow, but I guess movement may matter. When you move, even the smallest contrasts move with you, the image always changes, because your perspective always changes, and movement is something that our eyes are trained to see. Of course in a still image nothing moves, and so I have to help you along with higher contrasts 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Danger” from the Eric Clapton / J. J. Cale collaboration “The Road To Escondido”. Hear it on YouTube.

7 thoughts on “1524 – Danger”

  1. Andreas, this larger image reminds me of some of the things I don’t like about winter! Slush and having to scrape it off of cars and when standing on the curb wanting to cross a street hoping I don’t get splashed with slush from a passing vehicle. But your composition is very good, lol.

    I liked the bike portrait, too. I think the comparison with the textured in the plastic and those in the snow is very interesting. Neither plastic wrap nor snow is permanent. Yet they have a way of making themselves known to us..

  2. Andreas, I found your thoughts very interesting on snow contrast and how it’s registered in real life versus a still. I’ve been frustrated at times with my inability to capture/edit snow they way I remembered seeing it. Some homework for me. Thanks.

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