1522 – I Shall Not Walk Alone

It’s Friday again, I’m on the train to Carinthia, and one more time I’ve got a terrible backlog. Sometimes it’s simply impossible to avoid it. Sorry for that 🙂

These are the images of Tuesday. Tuesday we had heavy snowfall and I left work early to meet my sister. I had to wait a few minutes and used them in my usual way.

Only later when I looked at the images, I found that I had kind of a series: a series of walkers. Along with the traffic sign this was enough to spark my interest.

Btw, I have recently bought onOne Software’s plugin “Photo Frame”, and at the moment I have great fun using those frames, especially for snow images. You’ll see more of that soon.

There is at least one more image of Tuesday, but I guess I will use it for Thursday. It doesn’t fit into this series, but I really like it and believe it deserves to be an Image of the Day.

The Song of the Day is “I Shall Not Walk Alone” from the 2002 album “Higher Ground” by the Blind Boys of Alabama. Hear it on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “1522 – I Shall Not Walk Alone”

  1. Your image of the day is almost like a diptych – but an internal diptych due to that pole that separates the one bus from the rest of the image that includes the 2nd bus and the pedestrian. I think that frame works wonderfully well with snow images.

    In the 2nd image with the guy crossing from left to right, the pavements looks icy – and you’re further emphasized the slipperiness in my mind by the slant. There are lots of echoes of curves and curvy wedges among the wires at the top and the tire patterns at the bottom. Craig would have fun analyzing this image, lol.

    The 3rd images is so amazing! The pedestrian is practically echoing the silhouette in the flag above him! A great capture.

    1. Yeah, I love those two guys, the real one and the one on the, … flag you say? For me that would have been a sign, but a flag? Really? I’m amazed. I’ll never learn that language. No way 😀

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