1521 – Christmas Market In Vienna

The Christmas market on Spittelberg (which is not a mountain at all, but a picturesque part of Vienna with a strong artistic community) is one of the more interesting in Vienna. Narrow lanes in a historic setting, a focus on craftwork, and all that among restaurants and pubs. It’s a nice place.

The Song of the Day is the “Adagio” from the “Christmas Concerto” by Arcangelo Corelli. I have a recording by Roy Goodman and The Brandenburg Consort. It’s only available on CD though. Amazon will tell you they have it as MP3 as well, but the link leads to a completely other version. But then, just browse around, much has been published since I was focusing on Baroque. YouTube has a playlist with the complete concerto by Roy Goodman.

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    1. Sure. Tamron 17-50/2.8 at 22mm, f4, 1/15s, ISO 1400.

      Adjustments? Sorry, too many to possibly list. Basically Topaz Adjust preset “Spicify” applied to parts of the image, some local color and contrast manipulations (some would call it “dodge and burn” to hide the fact that they do Photoshop), some locally applied color filters, … , whatever. Perhaps the most drastic adjustments come from Topaz Adjust.

      In the end the image does not look so much different from what the camera captured, only much more vivid and tonally better balanced. It’s grunt work 🙂

  1. Are they permitted to call it a “Christmas” Market in Austria? Increasingly the term is forbidden in public places in this country. Recently the Philadelphia government ordered the word Christmas removed from a Christmas Village collection of holiday shops. This weekend I read of the Federal Reserve ordering one of the private banks it regulates to remove all Christmas references. I expect that soon this administration will ban church trucks and busses from public roads…. Then what? A censoring of parochial speech within the automibiels? The regulators are worried that the words will offend the non Christians, particularly the muslim population which appears particularly prone to bring complaint. Sigh… Oh well, it’s a phase, right?

    1. What can I say? “Political Correctness” is an American invention. It was never particularly adhered to here in Austria. It’s also not just “this administration”, but I admit that it is a decidedly democratic thing. Otoh, the way the republicans aligned with the religious loonies was more than equally disgusting 🙂

      1. Zealotry is a peculiar dysfunction of the human condition. It’s among the acrid smell that smokes off where emotion grinds against rationality. Once I read someone (I think it was Robert Ardrey) write, “The jury’s still out on this ‘free will thing.’ It may be humanity’s hope, or doom.” God save us from the loonies of both sides of the theocratic grind 🙂

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