1520 – When Sunny Gets Blue

Back to the river, same place as yesterday, roughly the same place as last Sunday.

In fact, although it was a bright and sunny day, I didn’t go out today. I didn’t feel like that, and I had so many images from yesterday, that it would have been stressful to make more.

All of yesterday’s images were taken within 25 minutes, starting at about 12:30. Amazing how low the sun hangs at this time of the year, huh? OK, that’s peanuts for Juha, but, honestly, sundowns at 15:30, that’s enough winter for me 🙂

The river bed has been flooded and the place where I stood a week ago is now right in the middle of the river and inaccessible. Obviously they keep the flow through the power station constant.

That’s fine for me, because it means water levels in this place vary wildly, and that makes it interesting to come back often.

I haven’t been on top of Dobratsch this year, maybe in January. So far my interest in snow was perfectly satisfied with these snowy riverscapes, and there’s more snow predicted for next week.

The Song of the Day is “When Sunny Gets Blue” from Barbra Streisand’s 1967 album “Simply Streisand”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1520 – When Sunny Gets Blue”

  1. Wow! If you hadn’t told us that this is the sun, I’d have guessed it was a lamp beckoning us through the woods to shelter.

    1. Yeah, we’re only three days away of the shortest day of the year and there’s not so much difference between the sun and a lamp these days 🙂

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