1519 – Silence II

This is roughly the same place as in “1514 – Silence“. It’s a week later, and while the snow almost completely went away in Vienna due to sunshine, Carinthia had so much snow that even two days of rain could not completely melt it away.

Again I use the Sigma 8-16, which is a marvelous lens for snowy landscapes, and this time I look away from the river. Don’t worry, you’ll most likely see the water in tomorrow’s post 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Silence” by Charlie Haden. He has recorded many versions of it, the one I recommend today is from his second Liberation Music Orchestra album “The Ballad of the Fallen”, a true milestone in Jazz history. If you don’t have it, get it. It’s one of the best concept albums ever made.

YouTube has only one tune from this album, “The People United Will Never Be Defeated“, thus for “Silence” I have to direct you to a similar interpretation in a duet with Egberto Gismonti.