1518 – Memories

Originally it was the glorious golden morning light that made me take this image, but then, during processing, things got slowly out of hand 😀

I have recently bought onOne PhotoFrame. Well, I tried their free version (with only a few frames and textures) and I liked it. Apart from perspective correction, the removal of a wire that went across the image, and some other minor things, this is basically the image converted to B&W (Photoshop, blue filter), a platinum tone applied, an acid burn frame and a texture, and then some noise. Over the top? Yup, but I like it 😛

The Song of the Day is “Memories” from Leonard Cohen’s 1977 album “Death of a Ladies’ Man”. Cohen included the song in his 1983 experimental art film, “I Am a Hotel”, and that’s where the video on YouTube is from. Once I had “I Am a Hotel” on video (in the long gone Video 2000 format), and I absolutely loved that song, but I didn’t know the title. It was only a few months ago that I found out 🙂

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