1514 – Silence

As already announced, here’s another image from my Sunday trip up river Gail. Same place as in “1513 – The Cool, Cool River II“, same time, only this is HDR based on Photomatix Pro and a series of bracketed images taken with the Sigma 8-16. It is slightly cropped (maybe to an equivalent of 10 mm :)), and as always with this kind of image, it is more of an interpretation than a strict representation of reality. The colors are a tad different from the image before, but then, hey, it’s another image, optimized for itself, not for being part of a series.

The title is “Silence”. Why? Well, because of a certain quality of relation between the two stones in the foreground, the two suns and several other prominently placed stones. The reflection of the sun in the center really becomes the center of the image, becomes the center of a micro solar system. Silence? Why? Hmm … have you ever heard of sound in space? 😛

Bad news is, the Song of the Day, “Silence” by Zoe.LeelA, is not available for sale via Amazon, but the good new is, it is available as a free download from rec72. In any case you can hear it on YouTube.

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  1. Thank u for your photo blog , such a treat, with Cold Moments I feel as if I am there.
    I hope I am not imposing,planning a late spring trip including 5 dys in Austria(first time) Could u just throw out the names of a couple of cities/towns that would get me started with my planning, we are considering a scenic train trip. Thank u joan v hall

    1. Joan,

      I suggest that you (obviously) don’t miss out on Vienna and Salzburg. By train it takes you four hours to get from one to the other. If you want to see something extremely picturesque, consider Hallstatt. It is a beautiful rural place at a lake, and from Vienna you can reach it in less than four hours. Two hours more will bring you on to Salzburg. From Salzburg you could go west to Innsbruck (and then probably on to Germany or Switzerland), or south to my homeland of Carinthia, and from there either to Slovenia or (probably more likely) Italy.

      Graz in south-eastern Austria (two hours from Vienna) is a nice city as well, and it’s three hours from there to Hallstatt.

      Hmm … five days, that’s actually pretty short. This could mean 2 days in Vienna and Salzburg each, with a day of travel, either via Hallstatt (rural) or Graz (probably not so much different from Salzburg). Yeah, I guess I would do Vienna, Hallstatt and then Salzburg.

      Keep me informed of your decision 🙂

    1. Thanks. I wouldn’t call myself a fan of HDR either. It’s just a tool that makes dealing with high contrast easier. Filters help as well, but in many situations HDR is easier and more flexible. In some it’s not.

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