1508 – One Two

Last time I sat on a bike … that must have been eight, nine years ago. Since then I have fattened up considerably, and it is only now that I try to get back in form. I do so by following the most basic and most successful diet ever: “Eat Half Of It!” And I literally do so.

Bernhard Ludwig, an Austrian comedian and psychologist, developed a new kind of diet called 10 in 2. It’s incredibly simple: one day you eat, one day you don’t. “1” for the day you eat, “0” for the day you don’t, “2” days, one on which you eat, one on which you don’t. Very simple.

I have been doing this since end of August. August 28, to be precise. I am not sure what my exact weight was, but I remember having had about 115.5 kg immediately before I started. This was at the morning after an especially opulent dinner, so I may have been slightly above average.

Today was a “1”, a day when I eat, and in the morning I had 104.0 kg. This is after a full day of fasting, so I tend to add 1 kg to my weight, but whatever I do, it is certain, that I lost at least 10 kg since August, 28.

Posting such a fact has kind of an exhibitionist appeal, but otoh, I think that this works, at least it definitely works for me, and I know that so many people desperately look for a way to slim down, that I can’t but share what works for me.

So far the progress is slightly less then 1 kg per week, and I can say that never in my life I had more satisfaction from cooking or eating than now. It may be hard to imagine (and I know it is for some of my friends), but it is no problem at all to keep from eating for a single day. Yes, sometimes you may feel a little hungry in the evening (or you may imagine feeling hungry), but you know you will have an opulent breakfast the next day, so where’s the problem?

Well, even the word “diet” is wrong. It is no diet, it is a way of living. It is not something that I want to do until I reach a “target weight”, it is no diet, it is a decision for the rest of my days. At least I say so. Now. But then: I am stubborn 🙂

The Song of the Day is “One Two” from Everlast’s 2000 album “Eat At Whitey’s”. Hear it on YouTube.