1506 – Running

Oh dear, at about 3 pm I took the car and brought brought two bags of bottles to the collection point at the local supermarket. Then it had just begun to snow.

When I left home at 8 pm and went the 20 meters to the taxi, I had to wade through at least 20 cm of new snow, and there is no end to it. The prediction for tomorrow is for about 40 cm.

Welcome to the second part of the images taken on my short walk through the snow yesterday.

The river Gail comes out of the most southern valley of Carinthia, right over the border from Italy, and whenever moist air comes up from the Mediterranean, it falls as rain here in Carinthia. Thus the river Gail is prone to high water, and more so than any other river in Carinthia.

The last incident of catastrophic high water in Villach was in 1966, and since then there have been enormous investments in river power plants, bringing a lot more of safety to the city.

Indeed, the area where we currently live, and certainly the area where we are going to live next year, have been under water only 44 years ago. But then again, due to the new storage lakes and power plants, such an incident is extremely unlikely now.

By the way, all the images in this series have been shot using a polarizer, and all of them needed a great deal of processing. On the other hand, it is amazing, how much dynamic range such modern DSLRs have. Just take the Image of the Day. It has been shot almost directly into the sun.

I had seen the two runners come, and when they had passed me by, I instinctively turned around and made two images, the first of them being the one shown here. In such high-contrast situations in glaring light, there is no such thing as accurate color.

I seriously doubt that any camera, regardless of make, set on automatics, will produce anything remotely usable. The D300 certainly didn’t, and so the main task in processing this image was, to create naturally looking colors, while still producing a rich tonal range, but without sacrificing the feeling of glare.

The Song of the Day is “Running” from Moby’s 1999 album “Play”, or rather from “The B-Sides” thereof. Hear it on YouTube.

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  1. Andreas, I like the two runners and the branches sticking up out of the water, with their little caps of snow, the best. I’m drawn more and more to images with people in them. I love it when there’s new-fallen snow that makes everything look like a winter fairy wonderland.

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