1505 – And Winter Came II

It’s late Sunday morning now. Outside it is a cold, cloudy winter day. It’s the kind of day that is probably the worst case for photography: white, flat light illuminates white things in front of a white background.

But then, this is not about today, it’s about yesterday, and yesterday was just as I had hoped.

It was a sunny day and I decided to take a walk in my moon boots. I started only about a kilometer from home, near the river Gail, in a nature reserve south of Villach.

I could have easily had much more snow, but on a sunny day I enjoy the combination of river and snow.

The Song of the Day is the same as in “771 – And Winter Came“. It is the title song of Enya’s 2008 album. Hear it on YouTube.

Oh, by the way, I did some work-related research while writing this post, processed some more of yesterday’s images, and now it’s mid-afternoon. It snows like hell outside. You think it doesn’t snow in hell? Well, in mine it does 🙂

Anyway. This means you will get another post today with some more images of yesterday. Hope you don’t mind.

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