Nov 262010

Here we are with the second post for today. Quick, huh? One more now and I’m out of shortcut mode 😀

Another bike, this time one without a saddle. I didn’t even recognize it until I processed the image.

The Song of the Day is still “If I’m On The Late Side” from the 1973 Faces album “Ooh La La”. Hear it on YouTube.

  One Response to “1503 – If I’m On The Late Side II”

  1. For heavens sake! What does he do? Sit in that basket, lol? I hope no one had stolen the saddle/seat.

    You get the most interesting images of bicycles. People here where I live do not use bicycles very much. The roads do not have a bike lane and it’s really not too safe to ride. Way too much traffic.

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