1502 – If I’m On The Late Side I

If I’m on the late side, then it is not because I make no images. It’s because I have a hard time finding resources for processing them, posting them, finding titles and writing blog posts. I’m three posts behind, so please allow me a shortcut.

This post and the next two will have the same title, and all three will have bicycles as subjects. If that bores you, well, skip the tree posts of today, tomorrow I’ll have another one, and that could probably be more interesting 🙂

I am not a big fan of Rod Steward’s current work, and even from his early solo career I have only a single live album. On the other hand, when I recently bought the new Ron Wood album, I decided to get some albums by The Faces. I bought three of the five, and the Song of the Day, “If I’m On The Late Side“, is from the 1973 album “Ooh La La”. YouTube has it.

2 thoughts on “1502 – If I’m On The Late Side I”

  1. Good morning…
    You’ve said that perhaps this bicycle photo could be boring. Perhaps it is. However I feel that one of the things that you are doing is presenting a collection of bicycles. As a collection I feel that they are very interesting..and in the context of that collection…this photo is more interesting. From my perspective you never need to apologize for publishing your bicycle photos. They are great.


  2. I agree with Jim. And what makes this one more interesting to me is that I can barely see the rear wheel! In fact, I’m not even sure it’s there. But it has to be there, right?

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