1501 – Run Away With Me

This is an image of yesterday. I actually processed (no: made) it yesterday, but I was too tired to choose a title and a song, and to write the actual post.

Obviously this is a composite of three images, and non-obviously there were even four. I didn’t exactly plan to combine them, I just made them. I often work like that. I want to make an image without people, and then I make a test shot, look at it and decide whether I should change parameters and whether I should even go on with that subject at all.

In this case there was at least a vague idea of using the sequence, because I wouldn’t have needed three test shots.

When I saw them, the idea came immediately: why not make a movement study? What I like most here is the expression of the man with the suitcase. I am sure he was just in a hurry, but the motion blur gives him a mad expression, and that is, what makes this image so irritating.

Anyway. The Song of the Day is “Run Away With Me” from the 1968 album “Mony Mony” by Tommy James and the Shondells. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1501 – Run Away With Me”

  1. I really like this, Andreas. It took me a few seconds to spot the guy on the other side of the street, but when I did, I liked it even more. One question, though – was this handheld? If so, I’m really impressed since the writing on the building across the street is pretty much in focus. And the whole series had to have taken a few seconds, right?

  2. Ditto! It’s amazing that you caught both guys, one across the street in his progress towards the distance; the other one your side of the street moving towards you. And I think the blurs add to the image rather than detract from it.

    If you were hand holding your camera – wow! Anyway, chapeau! My hat’s off to you! 🙂

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