Nov 232010

Another 500 full. As time goes by 🙂

This is the image for yesterday, Monday. I would have had at least another image, a bicycle, but searching for a title, I immediately thought of this line from “Singin’ In The Rain“, and so I had the illusion I’d save time when I take just that and put the bike on my TODO list.

Not exactly so. I’ve spent hours now searching for a version of the song that I both have and that’s available on YouTube. Well, I only had The 3 Tenors from their 1994 concert, but as I don’t particularly like that version, I decided to buy something.

In the end I found Nora Arnezeder together with Féloche, a song used in a TV ad for Guerlain’s perfume “Idylle”. Here’s the original song video. Oh yes, great 🙂

Another version, one that’s not on YouTube, is by Maria Muldaur, a singer I didn’t even know before, and while it’s not my favorite version either, researching Muldaur further, I found a “Live in Concert” album with lots of Dylan covers, and … well, let’s say that I have some songs more now. Here’s a Hungarian site with Maria Muldaur’s version of “Buckets Of Rain”. It’s not from the live album but from her 2006 Dylan album “Heart Of Mine”.

  5 Responses to “1500 – A Smile On My Face”

  1. Cute and charming. I like that you put a smile on this “face.” Seeing it put a smile on my face, and that’s always a good thing to do. 🙂

    • Thanks. I saw “him” long ago, but some images just have to wait and mature. Anyway, I thought it would be a good choice for a happy day 😀

  2. Hey your blog looks amazing I like what you have done with it. I just wanted to say hi and look in on what your doing. Seems I have not had any extra time to stroll to view images as I once did. I enjoy strolling so will have to make more time to do so. Beautiful blog and images as always …..

    • Hi Deb!

      Thanks. Good to see you again. Yes, things have pretty stabilized since I’ve made the switch from SmugMug/Blogger, and WordPress turned out to be a good choice. Glad you like it 🙂

  3. Congratulations! Admirable picture as always.

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