1497 – Slow Freight

This afternoon, shortly after 4 pm, it was already gloomy. Days are preciously short!

I’m on the train now, have processed this image, solved a programming problem, slept a little, and in a few minutes I’ll be in Villach for another weekend with bad weather and good cooking 😀

The Song of the Day is “Slow Freight” by Glenn Miller & His Orchestra. You can get it on many collections, but if you’re really in the market for Glenn Miller, why not getting this one? “The Complete Glenn Miller and His Orchestra”, the equivalent of 13 CDs for $45. Not a bad offer from Sony, but unfortunately not available here in Austria. Oh well. Globalization, you know?

Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1497 – Slow Freight”

  1. I like your image, but I like your comment even better: “another weekend with bad weather and good cooking.” LOL, I’m not sure I’d equate good weather with bad cooking, tho! So what does happen on the weekends when the weather is good?

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