6 thoughts on “1496 – Seein’ Red”

  1. LOL, I know quite a few people like that person at your workplace. I went to the shore with a friend and she was surprised that I took my camera! I won’t go with her again, even tho she’s a good friend.

    Love the colors and the lines in this image. Almost looks like origami.

  2. The fun part is then being able to show them what can be found, if we all look!

    The other day, shooting in an alley, a dog-walker asked what I found sound interesting about “that house”. I pointed out the weeds I was photographing on a fence, and he commented “Oh, you’re an artist! I never notice those kinds of details.”

    Maybe he’ll have more fun no subsequent walks. 🙂

    1. Absolutely. It still happens that the aperture does not stop down, but this is only the first picture every few days now, and given the quality of the images and the general utility of the lens, I have no problem with that.

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