1487 – The Best Is Yet To Come

Today was another day where I rose very early, answered some comments (well, I know I am much too lazy at that, or rather, I am not lazy but much too short of time), and then I went to work, and even though I made it there earlier than usual, I was able to take enough time for photographing.

I used the manual focus 85/1.4 AI-S for a change, and although it is pretty challenging, it is also pretty satisfying when you get a shot. This was another image, that called for a frame.

The frame in this image is from onOne Software’s “PhotoFrame 4.5 Free Edition” plugin. Hey, I really like this approach, and I suppose that I will actually buy the commercial version. Why is this better than a time-limited trial version, you ask? Simple. It gives me more time to try it and see if I find it useful. I don’t use frames all the time, and the opportunity to test the plugin may not be there at all times. With this free version I can test as long as I want.

The Song of the Day is “The Best Is Yet To Come” from the Frank Sinatra collection “Duets 2”. The duet is with Jon Secada, by the way, and you can hear it on YouTube.