1482 – L’Ombre D’Un Homme

Light is in the mornings now, and on my way to work this time I took a different route through one of the roads with lots of bike traffic. Originally I was trying different framings for the combination of graffiti and one of the few trees that still have most of their leaves. When a biker rushed through, I thought it would probably be cool to capture the next one. So I did.

You know I’m always eager to bring you fresh music, and among the first albums that I search for an image title, are always those that I bought last. This is not always successful, some albums sit in the queue for a long time until a matching image comes along, but here is one that I bought just last weekend:

The amazing Ben L’Oncle Soul and “L’Ombre D’Un Homme” (The Shadow Of A Man) from his self-titled 2010 album. I could buy it as digital download, Amazon in the US only has it as a very expensive CD import. Surely carrying IP packages over the Atlantic ocean would have been overly expensive and out of the question. Oh dear!

Here’s it on YouTube, and while you’re there, don’t forget to hear into some of the other titles like “Come Home” or “Soulman“. Good stuff, huh?

3 thoughts on “1482 – L’Ombre D’Un Homme”

  1. Andreas, isn’t there an Amazon in the UK? They are less expensive than Amazon USA is, so I’m told.

    I love this image. The shadowy blur of the biker looks like a question mark – as if we are asking who lives in that house – as well as what the heck made that shadowy blur? Blue and yellow – perfect together. I like also the tilt of the camera.

  2. This definitely works for me – the combination of tilt and blurred biker, the latter contrasted by the tags on the door. Fine image.

  3. Thanks. I’m not perfectly happy with the image, especially with the tree. A slightly different framing would probably have been better. I could have waited a few more minutes, but trying to get another biker in exactly that position (and it’s pretty perfect, I think), would probably have over-stretched my share of luck for that day. Besides, I would have been late to work 🙂

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