1477 – Dead Friends (Around The Corner)

I had to run errands today, went to the hairdresser’s, had the summer tires on the car changed for winter tires, and there something went wrong. Although the appointment had been fixed two weeks ago, some woman managed to hi-jack it. She went into the shop, said she had an appointment, the clerk asked for the license number, the woman hesitated, and when the clerk showed her mine and asked if it was hers, she simply said yes and got my appointment.

When I actually showed up at 10:30 and said my license number, the clerk was dismayed, but the damage was done. They fixed it, but instead of half an hour, the whole thing took more than two.

And that was fine. I had no problem at all. Things would have been different on a rainy day, but it was beautifully sunny outside, warm, and waiting meant nothing but taking a walk and enjoying the splendor. Bad? Not at all 🙂

By the way, Kate from Mastersdegree.net asked me to link to their list of “25 Photographs Every American Should Know“. Not being American, I am somewhat excused, but I agree, this is a fine list of memorable images. Of course all such lists are subjective, but then, on some images all seem to agree. Just see for yourself and enjoy.

The Song of the Day is “Dead Friends (Around The Corner)”, a beautiful and contemplative song from the 2004 Einstürzende Neubauten album “Perpetuum Mobile”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1477 – Dead Friends (Around The Corner)”

  1. How sad that this leaf fell where it won’t be able to rot away and become soil to re-nourish the tree that gave it life.

    1. Not so sad. As rotting goes, you just have to think in millennia, and then you see that nature always wins, at least in the long run 😀

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