1476 – How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place

Here’s one more (and last) post for today. The building where I work act as a giant mirror.

I can’t say that I am a big fan of Johannes Brahms, but neither is the opposite true. I simply have not heard enough of his music. Don’t know why, it’s just that way. What I really love though, is his “German Requiem”, and although I have a couple of recordings, I never had an English version. Or at least I thought so.

Twenty years ago I bought a CD, “Anthems From Salisbury”, in the Salisbury cathedral shop, and today, when I looked for a title, I found this track. A nice surprise and probably a good reason to fork over the money for the Telarc recording with Craig Jessop, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir & Utah Symphony 🙂

Here’s another one on YouTube by UCLA Chorale and American Youth Symphony. Not bad either.

3 thoughts on “1476 – How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place”

  1. I like your buiding and really like your photograph. You do a great job with your 17-50 Have u ever played much with manual focus lenses, the Fred Miranda Forum got me interested and I am having fun trying joanlvh

    1. I currently have three of them, a 24/2.8 AI-S, a 50/1.2 AI-S and an 84/1.4 AI-S. I like them and I like the way they slow me down. I only don’t like it all the time. It’s a kind of contemplative photography; sometime I indulge in it, most of the time I don’t.

  2. The colors in this image are magnificent. Of all the complementary color pairs, blue/orange is my fav.

    I do have some old manual focus lenses, come to think of it. But I’ll have to see if I can get an adaptor for Contax-to-Nikon to be able to use them.

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