1472 – Wenn der Winter kommt

Snow down to 800 meters, that was the deal! We are at pretty exactly 500 meters, so that’s clearly a breach of contract ๐Ÿ™‚

October 25 is a little early, I think it is the earliest that snow has hit us the last few years, but some freak snowfall at or around the beginning of November is quite normal.

The image of the truck looks more dramatic than it was, it must have come from outside Villach, from some place at least a hundred meters higher, and when I saw it, I simply had to take the image. Yeah, I know, it’s bad style to do that while driving.

The Image of the Day is basically the same image as yesterday, with just a tad less sky, but then, the sky was slightly less interesting today ๐Ÿ™‚

The Song of the Day is again by Element of Crime. It’s “Wenn der Winter kommt” (“When Winter Comes”) from their 2005 album “Mittelpunkt der Welt”. YouTube has a version with subtitles, and it is really not bad. It can’t transport all of the magic, but that’s common with lyrics translations. At least you hear what it’s about. More or less. Give it a go.

3 thoughts on “1472 – Wenn der Winter kommt”

    1. Well, actually I like Winter, but it is an acquired taste. From my nature, I love summer more than everything else. (0 degrees, that’s about 25 centigrades. Wow!

  1. Had a snow experience this past weekend, but I was at 900 meters. It snowed 25cm!

    By the way what are those square structures in the foreground? I’ve seen them a few times in your images and always wonder what their purpose is.

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