1468 – Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down

It’s a strange year. It goes by with incredible speed. I almost did not register summer, and even before August it was essentially gone. I still called it summer, but it felt like an early fall. Now it’s fall and I almost missed the spectacular changes. I began photographing trees, when most of the leaves were already going down. What the duck!

But then, how do they say? “Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down” 🙂

And that’s also the Song of the Day, brought to you by Eric Burdon on his spectacular 2006 album “Soul Of A Man”. YouTube has it, and for some insane reason it’s only available as CD. Isn’t that stupid? I’d expect of this ever-whining industry that they at least try to sell us what they complain is pirated online. I mean, really, how much does it cost to distribute a song or an album as digital downloads? No, instead they try to bring us the insanity that is ACTA, or they make an industry of pseudo-legal actions intended to scare their future clients into expensive settlements.

So, dear content mafia, please shut up whining, stop bribing corrupt politicians into taking away our freedom, just do your damn job and at least try to sell what you have. We’re waiting and we’d even be buying 😀

5 thoughts on “1468 – Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down”

  1. I didn’t know Burdon was still recording. Saw the Animals live (although the band was restructured) in 1968. I enjoy listening to where the old rockers are taking their music.
    The YouTube link lead me into some CCR and Vietnam War protest songs. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  2. Funny if you download the album from somewhere and then ACTA gets on your ass because you didn’t buy the CD! Isn’t it available on iTunes store?

    Agree with you on the first thing. The year has flown by!

    1. Oh, I have the CD and have ripped it myself. No idea if it’s available via iTunes. I don’t use it. It’s a closed ecosystem as everything from Apple. In order to buy their music, I have to install iTunes, but iTunes won’t play most of my music, that I have ripped from my own CDs to OGG format. As regards my needs, iTunes is severely crippled software. They don’t like my music, I don’t like theirs 🙂

      1. To be honest, I hope more population listens to what you just said. Am a windows user and its a painful software to use on Windows. And they claim, Windows was building on its monopoly with Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer!

        1. Well, as much as I appreciate the inventive spirit of Steve Jobs, his vision of software and hardware that perfectly harmonize, fact is, that as a company Apple is just as bad as Microsoft ever was.

          They are extremely monopolistic, even if only on their own platform, and more and more they sell appliances. Need a new monitor? No problem, just buy a new iMac. Need a new battery? Oh, just buy a new iPod/Pad/Whatever. Need a non-reflective monitor? Well, Steve knows that you just think so, and what you really want is a highly reflective make-up mirror.

          And so on and so forth. But he has his fans anyway, so obviously from a business perspective he has a point 🙂

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