1467 – Waiting

We didn’t have a lot of bicycles lately. That’s not because I don’t take images of them, I do so almost daily, but there is definitely some repetition. This image is no exception. It’s the usual interplay of the simple shapes of the bike with lines on the ground.

The Song of the Day is “Waiting” from the 1987 Style Council album “The Cost Of Loving”. Hear it on YouTube. A mediocre song for a mediocre image 🙂

2 thoughts on “1467 – Waiting”

  1. Bikes are beautiful pieces of equipment – I’m particularly fond of traditional designes, the type found more often on touring bikes these days. A bike from Rivendell would be an good example…


    1. Oh, and not only that. They are fantastically simple sets of lines, triangles and circles, beautiful and always willing to pose 🙂

      Thanks for watching!

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