1465 – Falling Down

Funny: when I returned from Carinthia last night, arriving at 1 am, it was raining and I left the camera in my bag. In the dark streets, walking under some trees, I saw a regular pattern of leaves on the wet street, and that image stayed with me for the whole day.

I began photographing all kinds of leaves in the morning (some of those images may come up again some day, at least I have tagged them as “TODO”), and in the afternoon I finally found the Image of the Day. I have no idea what gave me the intuition to put the trunk of the tree dead center into a horizontal composition, but I think that’s pretty much what I was looking for.

The Song of the Day is the Tom Waits song “Falling Down“. I have just tried to find out from which album it is, but seemingly it was only on two live albums, 1988’s “Big Time” and the recent “Glitter And Doom Live”.

Anyway. What we hear today is Holly Cole’s version from her 1995 album of Tom Waits covers, “Temptation”. Hear it on YouTube.