1461 – 4th Time Around

I am not always that persistent, but when I began my blog four years ago, I had already experimented with photography for more than two years, several month of that with the Nikon D200.

I had not taken that many images, had not used the camera on such a regular schedule as daily, but it was certainly above average as regards frequency.

In a way I knew what it meant to live with the camera, and I knew that I could do that for a long time, so when I began uploading images for my blog to SmugMug, I used a numbering scheme with five digits, the first Image of the Day called “00001” on SmugMug.

At that time SmugMug seemed like a good idea, and Blogger as platform for the blog was the natural choice, as I already had a (very irregular) gaming blog there, that I used for announcements of my Unreal Tournament 2004 maps.

About two years ago SmugMug went through a phase of instability, and when it was down once too often, I decided to move my images to my own (shared) server account. This seemed easy enough, I would only have to export the blog from Blogger, change the image URLs, and finally re-import the blog. The problem was, that I got errors upong re-importing, and that finally forced me to part with Blogger as well. From Fine Art Photoblog I had some exposure to WordPress, thus this choice was natural as well, and this is where I arrived at where I am now.

Tired? Yes, sometimes. Sometimes it is tedious to post an image every day. Sometimes it is hard to come up with a title every day. Sometimes …

I could stop at any time. I could just stop doing it daily, and that could probably make me stop at all. I think it’s so much easier to stop doing something, when you don’t do it daily. You stop just for a few days, make a pause, and then the pauses get longer, and then, some time, you find that you can’t call it other than that you have stopped. Maybe. I guess I won’t find out anytime soon though 😀

The Song of the Day is “4th Time Around” from Bob Dylan’s 1966 masterpiece “Blonde On Blonde”. You know it, but hear it on YouTube anyway.

4 thoughts on “1461 – 4th Time Around”

  1. I’m one of those people who posts rarely and I do agree that every time I post it feels like the last post and I dare say one day that will be true. The gaps between posts do seem to grow. In any case it’s nice to know that you are continuing on as it’s always a pleasure stopping by here.

    This particular image is especially cool. I like the yellow “border” on two sides and of course I like the grungy feel of it.

  2. The temptation to stop is always strong. I feel the same with my Flickr account. But resist it if you can as the hard graft of taking pictures and writing is part of the craft and the only way to improve. I enjoy your blog and stop by often.

  3. Thanks. Well, I can’t imagine stopping, but then, at one time, hopefully in a distant future, I certainly will, and I often wonder how to inform my friends of my death. Some kind of prerecorded message and a trusted friend to post it when time has come? Ever wondered about that?

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