1460 – In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down)

I’ve been in a grave the whole day. Seven hours teaching Java in a room without windows, I can tell you, when you get out of that, you appreciate every last ray of light, that you can get.

I took these two images today on my way home, and while I am certain that they could be improved with a tad of post-processing, I just leave them as they came out of the camera.

In fact I like how they look, and I am not sure how to improve them. Yes, they lack contract, but I greatly love the subtle play of colors. And besides, did I say I’m tired?

The Song of the Day comes in two flavors this time. It’s “In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down)“, and the video, that I’ve uploaded to YouTube, first shows you Ella Fitzgerald’s version, and then I have added Joe Williams. I simply couldn’t decide which I liked most, and none of them was available on YouTube before.

By the way, this is one of the cases when a video is not available everywhere. This time it’s only Germany, not the whole world. WMG was so kind as to let it be blocked in Germany. But of course, it’s understandable. It’s for the benefit of Ella and Joe. They can’t possible be creative and go on making music, when their work is as devalued as it is by being heard. So, please support Ella and Joe, kindle their creative spark, by not hearing their music.

You say they’re … what? Dead??? Can’t be, can it?

3 thoughts on “1460 – In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down)”

  1. You my friend are starting to see in warm tones with shallow depth of field. Once you cross that threshold it may warp the way you see forever. Good stuff and God’s speed.

  2. Andreas, I can really relate to the feeling you get after climbing out of a dark dank cave of Java instruction and seeing the last rays of light.

    And the warmth of the images is very descriptive of an autumn sunset, sets the mood perfectly.

  3. Thanks guys. Yeah, this kind of images has a certain attraction, and I often find myself posting them straight from the camera. It’s pretty hard to improve them in Photoshop, and it’s rarely necessary.

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