1458 – I Wanna Melt With U

I am experimenting with the new 85/1.4 again. In this image made Monday afternoon I have focused on the nearest of the overhanging leaves. Everything else melts down in a very impressionist way.

This is especially accentuated by the fact that we are looking at leaves, relatively small objects brightly lit by the sun, objects that come across as colored dots, almost like in a pointillist painting.

And there is something else. Imagine my surprise, when I found a single sharp strand of spider’s silk in this image. In nature you wouldn’t see it at all, but when it’s sharp against a creamy background, it suddenly appears out of nothing. Click through the image for a bigger size and select the biggest one. You can even see it on the web. Amazing 🙂

The Song of the Day is “I Wanna Melt With U” from Prince’s 1992 “Love Symbol” album. I have no idea why it is not available as digital download, but such are the mysteries of music distribution. YouTube has it.

2 thoughts on “1458 – I Wanna Melt With U”

  1. I am becoming seriously jealous of your lens… (Including the portrait image of tomorrow, and I don’t “do” portraits.)

    I just *know* it would make me a wonderful photographer. 😉

    1. Wonderful? That’s taken for granted, but powerful indeed! You will magically attract young men. So far, so good. The problem is, they will be attracted by your mighty lens 🙂

      Well, it’s a nice toy. There is a lot of lateral CA (the type that you hardly can get rid of), but what it makes to backgrounds, that’s pure magic.

      Now imagine an upcoming Olympus m4/3 camera, sensor-stabilized, with an F-mount adapter. Imagine it has good high ISO, just as the D300 or even better. This should be in the reach of Oly. That would be a 170/1.4 as regards light, or at least equivalent to 170/2.0 as regards DOF. Stabilized! Can you spell C.O.N.C.E.R.T. L.E.N.S?

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