1454 – Softly Baby

Books come in different sizes, and when you are like me and order your books alphabetically by author, then there is always a book that does not fit.

Like this one. It’s the “Codex Derynianus”, an encyclopedic collection about Katherine Kurtz’ “Deryni Chronicles”, a fantasy series spanning hundreds of years of fictional history in a medieval setting.

But that’s not what I really wanted to say. It’s more that, well, … do you realize how softly this bicycle goes out of focus?

I mean, the real thing is, that I had been provoked in the most outrageous way. This hunk of glass had been sitting squarely in the window of a shop right around the corner. FOR DAYS!!!!

Uhh … without much ado … Ladies and Gentlemen, the Nikkor 85/1.4 AI-S 😀

The Song of the Day is “Softly Baby” by Dinah Washington. Hear it on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “1454 – Softly Baby”

  1. Congrats to your new toy! I’m just trying to catch up with your blog – and I’ve been enjoying the photos quite a bit! Smooooth bokeh… and I like the very clear distinction between main subject and “all the rest” that the lens tends to produce.

    I was wondering: do you ever manage to schlepp around ALL your lenses? Or do you need a whellbarrow for that? 😉

    PS.: You’ve stolen the poor Katherine an “e”

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