Oct 062010

It’s that time again. Elections. This time regional elections in Vienna, and the old man on the torn poster is Vienna’s current mayor. The Social Democrats have lost pretty every election in the past two years. Can he stop that trend? We’ll see who laughs in the end on Sunday.

The Song of the Day is “Laugh And Grin Blues” by Kokomo Arnold. YouTube has it for you.

  2 Responses to “1453 – Laugh And Grin Blues”

  1. If I got it right, then the election results in Vienna are absolutely devastating, with more than a quarter of the votes going to the far-rights 🙁 Equally bad to the election results here in Sweden.

  2. Pretty nasty upon first sight, yes, indeed. And one more time, may I ask you to be patient? I’ll write about that in #1464, due today.

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