1451 – There’ll Be Some Changes Made

Can you remember the advertising column in “1445 – Pablo Picasso“? Well, here it is again, this time advertising Richard Strauss’ opera “Ariadne auf Naxos” played at “Theater an der Wien” in Vienna.

I saw the poster, liked the idea of the split face, and when I looked at the background, it struck me how it contained all the same colors. It was pretty impossible to frame a good picture, but I snapped it anyway, you never know what you can make in Photoshop.

For your reference, here’s the before.

It was clear from the beginning, that I would go for a half/half split image again, and so I had to do some twisting and stretching to get it all aligned. Additionally I fixed colors and contrast, but still, it was missing something. There was a unity in color, but the two parts of the image were too unrelated, and thus it fell apart.

My solution was a texture, and not a flimsy one 🙂

I rarely use texture overlays. So frequently they are used to simulate something that’s not a property of the image, but a property of its physical representation. i.e. age, but here I like it greatly, because it is obvious, deliberate, and it immediately ties the two halves together.

The Song of the Day is “There’ll Be Some Changes Made” by The Boswell Sisters. YouTube has it for you.

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