1448 – Hit’ Em Up Style

Last post for today, promised 🙂

These two images were really taken today. I have no idea what’s written on that wall, not even what language it is. Must be something from eastern Europe, but not too far, otherwise it would be written in Cyrillic.

The Image of the Day was taken in the Underground, on my way to the train. I’ve seen it a few times but never taken an image. Most of the time when I pass that place, I am already in a hurry.

The Song of the Day is “Hit’ Em Up Style” from the Carolina Chocolate Drops album “Genuine Negro Jig”. Great music, fantastic album. See a performance on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1448 – Hit’ Em Up Style”

  1. I absolutely love both the images in this post. At first I thought the second was an album cover for your “Song of the Day” — maybe from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”. 🙂 Beautifully strong colors, textures, layers and reveals.

    Your point of view in creating the first image is brilliant, IMHO, and it’s a delight to be brought along for the ride.

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