1442 – Green Songs On Rainy Days

Saturday morning I had to make a delivery, and being out already, I thought, why not make some pictures?

Turns out that forests are good places to make pictures in the rain. Image stabilization is pretty important though. Or a tripod, of course.

Depending upon whether I fail again to get out today, one more of these images may follow 😀

The Song of the Day is “Green Song” from the Elvis Costello / Anne Sophie von Otter collaboration “For The Stars”. YouTube has sort of a video.

4 thoughts on “1442 – Green Songs On Rainy Days”

  1. A camera capture, lol. I love the way you post processed this to make the road invite the viewer onward through the wetness to the light at the end of the tunnel. It looks dryer there.

  2. Yeah, rain and woods seem to go together really, really nicely. It’s only always a problem with keeping stuff at least semi-dry…

    Nice, classical composition with the leading line and the distribution of lights and shadows. Certainly works for me!

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